Technologies of mobile business

Study programE-business and system management
Study groupE-business technologies
Course statusElective
TeachersBožidar Lj. Radenković, Dušan M. Barać, Srđan M. Krčo
AssociatesDušan M. Barać, Aleksandar R. Milić
Course content

Lectures: Introduction. The techniques of wireless transmission. Mobile and wireless networks. LTE technologies and standards. Design of wireless networks. IEEE 802.11 series of standar. WiGig specification. Overview of applications of mobile business. Customizing business applications with mobile devices. The development of advanced mobile applications. The development of multiplatform applications. Internet and mobile applications. Platform for the realization of mobile and web services. Security, scalability, and reliability of mobile applications. Models of management of knowledge and information in mobile environments. Mobile cloud computing. Internet of  Everything. Context-aware computing. Wearable computing – examples of use. Gamification and serious games – review and use in business applications. Augmented reality – examples of use. Mobile biometrics. Mobile applications and social media. Mobile devices of special purpose. Pervasive computing. Omnipresent computing. The future of mobile business.

Practical exercises: Design of wireless networks. Framework for developing mobile applications. Tools for acceleration of the development of mobile applications. Manipulation of multimedia records in Android. Моbile jQuery. Use of QR codes in Android mobile applications. Work with RFID and NFC technologies in Android mobile applications. Work with 2D and 3D graphics in Android. The development of games for mobile devices. Using sensor systems  in Android. Using the system for recording the image / sound in Android. Using web services in mobile applications. The advanced interface elements for quick access to functionality of Android  applications. Optimization of the application for various types of devices. Techniques to optimize utilization of hardware resources. Testing the application. Security of mobile applications. Putting applications on publicly available application store. The development of mobile games in Units3D enviroment.

The object of the course is to acquaint students with modern mobile technologies and the design and development of advanced applications of mobile business. The specific objective is to acquire the knowledge necessary for advancement to higher levels of study.
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