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Concurrent and distributed programming

Study programE-business and system management
Study groupE-business technologies
Course statusElective
TeachersBožidar Lj. Radenković
Course content

Lectures: Kernel multi program system, examples of concurrent programs. Advanced organizations multiprocessors. distributed computing systems, components of distributed computing systems. Advanced Concepts of Concurrent Programming in Java. Advanced concepts of competitive programming in C + +.  Coordination and synchronization of processes in distributed computing systems. Distributed file systems of service-oriented architecture and distribute business logic. Current trends in distributed and competitive programming.

Practical teaching: Examples of competing programs in the Java programming language. Examples of competing programs in the programming language C + +. The concept of coordination and synchronization in the C programming language, operating system UNIX, and Windows.

The main aim is to introduce the advanced capabilities of application of distributed computer systems and concurrent programming. 
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