Cloud infrastructure and services

Study programE-business and system management
Study groupE-business technologies
Course statusElective
TeachersBožidar Lj. Radenković, Marijana S. Despotović-Zrakić, Srđan M. Krčo
AssociatesAleksandar R. Milić
Course content

Lectures: Introduction in Cloud computing. Virtualization of resources. Standards in cloud computing-у. Projectingcloud infrastructure. Private, public and hybrid cloud. Infrastructure like a service. Platform like a service. Software like a service.Managing cloud infrastructure. Services for collecting, researching, processing and using big data in e-business (Big Data). Parallel and distributed researching of data. Map reduce algorithm. Safety in cloud environment. Managing with risk specifies of projecting business processes of е-business on cloud infrastructure. Development applications in e-business in cloud computing environment. Migration  from traditional to cloud infrastructure. Examples of using cloud computing services  in е-business company. Examples of using in a science and education.

Practical exercises: Practical teaching, Other forms of study, Study research work of Software for managing with cloud infrastructure. OpenStack. Molding data for unrealistic database. Introduction with Apache Hadoop framework for managing with big data. Work with Apache Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS). Work with Hadoop YARN tool for managing with resources in cluster and managing with execution of user’s request. Creating MapReduce program using Apache Pig tool. Development a applications of e-business using Amazon web services(aws), Google App Engine and Windows Azure services. 

The aim of this subject is that the students get to know with technical and organizational aspects of cloud computing  through the analysis of models, technical solutions, risks and safety aspects of cloud technology. Besides the services for virtualization resources, the attention is especially dedicated to cloud services for collecting, researching and и processing big of data in e-business. 
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