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E-health-selected chapters

Study programE-business and system management
Study groupE-bussines
Course statusElective
TeachersRadenković Božidar, Despotović-Zrakić Marijana,Bogdanović Zorica, Barać Dušan, Labus Aleksandra, Žarković P. Miloš, Arsović A Nenad

Course content

Lectures:Analysis of the concepts of e-health system. The architecture and infrastructure of e-business in healthcare. Management of e-business in healthcare. E-document management. Business performance of healthcare institutions on the Internet. E-marketing in healthcare. E-business in pharmacy. Quality management of e-health services. Standards in e-health. Interoperability in e-health. Diagnostic information systems. Telemedicine systems. Virtual reality in healthcare. Mobile business and internet of things in healthcare. Personalized e-health. Wearable computing in healthcare. Analysis of legal and ethical issues in e-health.

Practical classes:Business performance of healthcare institutions on the Internet. Designing internet marketing plans for healthcare institutions. The use of social media in healthcare. Electronic health record. OpenEMR. Virtual reality in the e-health. MevisLab. Standards for data visualization in e-health. DICOM. Design of mobile applications for e-health. The application of wearable computing concepts in e-health.


The aim of this course is to enable students to design and implement systems of e-health

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