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Enterprise networks

Study programE-business and system management
Study groupE-business technologies
Course statusElective
TeachersRadenković Božidar, Despotović-Zrakić Marijana, Bogdanović Zorica, Barać Dušan, Labus Aleksandra, Bojović Živko
Course content


Defining requirements and selection of model for enterprise networks. Planning a service and defining the policy of quality of the service. Selection of equipment for network infrastructure. Rules and standards for the implementation of network services in e-business. Planning the address space of computer networks for IPv4 and IPv6. Designing logical architecture of the network. Defining the port types, logical separation and aggregation of traffic at the network interface layer. Providing  redundancy, reliability and load distribution on layers. Selection protocols for internal and external traffic routing in enterprise networks. Design of the NTP service.  Requirements analysis and design of VPN services in e-business. Defining  protection policy and selection of firewall technology. Selection of model and designing systems for enterprise networks managment: log analysis, SNMP, TR-069. Designing converged company networks. Protocols for convergence of services and traffic engineering: MPLS, RVSP. Design and realisation of software-defined networks in companies. Requirements analysis and designinig of virtual infrastructure for company e-business. Methods for virtualization of computer networks.  Design of computer networks in data centers. Methods for testing and evaluation of network services. Revision of computer networks in companies and public institutions.

Practical exercises

Designing enetrprise networks. Configuring ports, network virtualization and aggregation of traffic at the network interface layer: VLAN, EtherChannel, LACP. Planning the address space and using DHCP protocol for the allocation of network addresses. Implementation of solutions for traffic routing in the networks and establish connection with other networks: OSPF and BGP. Configuration of redundancy and load distribution on network interface layer: STP, MSTP, and on network layer: HSRP, VRRP. Configuring redundancy and load distribution on application layer:  DNS load balancing, PROXY servers. Monitoring enterprise networks’ performances: Cacti, MRTG. Implementation of VPN service at the network interface layer: PPTP, on the network and application layer: L2TP, IPSec. Configuration of multimedia services in a company computer network: SIP, Asterisk, CallManager, middleware platform. Designing network solutions for multicast traffic. Configuration of virtual machines and network interfaces in Linux and cloud environment: OpenvSwitch, Open Daylight, Open Stack, Mininet. Designing data center of a company: TIA 942. Evaluation of the developed solutions. 

The aim of this course is to enable students for independent designing, realization and using infrastructure and service of computer networks in e-business of a company.
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